Can You Really Use Galaxy A32 as a Charger? The True Fact

Can you use Galaxy A32 as a charger? This is a common question that most people ask (and wonder about), considering that Samsung has their own lineup products that can act as a charger. But is Galaxy A32 included as one of them? Let’s find out more about the facts and details before you rush on buying an A32 for yourself, shall we?

Use Galaxy A32 as a Charger: Is It True?

Samsung does have their own technologies where their phone can act as a charger. It’s known as wireless PowerShare. This is an innovative and advanced technology that enables you to turn your phone to a wireless charger. The technology is also known for its another name: reverse wireless charging. So, the phone can basically share its power to charge your Galaxy Buds+ or Galaxy Watch without difficulty. The technology works with devices having Qi-certification. This is considered the common standard. It means that provided the device can charge through Qi, then you should be able to share your phone’s juice with it.

use galaxy a32 as a charger

Using the technology is pretty simple too. Simply put the devices on a flat and sturdy surface, facedown. Then, put the device (which you need to charge) right on the center part on the back side of the phone. You should see the charging screen appear. It’s the sign that the device truly charges. If you are charging Galaxy Buds+, then the (charging) light should be on.

Unfortunately, not all Samsung devices have this ability. For Samsung product lineups, this technology can only be found on Galaxy S series (S20 Plus, S20 regular, and S20 Ultra), and also Samsung Z Flip. You can also find the similar technology on Samsung Fold, S10 series (S10, S10 Plus, and S10e), and Note 10 series (Note 10 and Note 10 Plus).

Be advised that the wireless PowerShare won’t work if the battery level is less than 30%. Remember, it’s about sharing the power. How can one device be able to share its power with another device if it doesn’t have enough for itself? And the action of sharing power may also affect data services and call reception – just so you know.

Tips to shanre power from your Samsung A32

It’s a shame that PowerShare feature isn’t available for Galaxy A32. In fact, the phone also misses a handy feature on its own: wireless charging. But no need to worry because there are several ways to actually add wireless charge to your A32 phone.

First of all, you can consider adding wireless charging adapter. This is actually a very simple and convenient way to add wireless charging to your phone. Plus, it’s not costly or pricey either. You only need to plug the adapter to the (USB-C) port and then tuck it on the back side of your phone. It’s simple and direct.

Second, you can always buy the charging pads. The pad is mobile, portable, and easy to carry and use. Simply place your phone on top of it and voila! It’s done.

The last one is to use the wireless charging case. You’d be surprised to know that there are sophisticated cases that can support wireless charging. You may not be able to find the official case for A32 from Samsung, but you may find it from third-party manufacturers. In short, if you have ever wondered can you use Galaxy A32 as a charger, now you know the fact.

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