Easy Tricks on Enable USB Debugging on Galaxy A32

You may have heard the question on how to enable USB debugging on Galaxy A32. But before your mind wanders elsewhere. You need to understand that debugging is essentials for some people because of their works.

Most people who choose to enable USB debugging are either a developer or working closely with one. They can be UX or UI writers or even a program manager. However, regular people who are looking for more ways to tinker with their phones are also enabling this function.

A couple of reminders before you keep on reading. Enabling USB debugging means that you are letting apps access your phone. Some of these apps may be dangerous and you need to be cautious of your data security.

But on the other hand, turning on the developer setting means that you have free control of your phone. You can install an app that is still on the Alpha stage that is not yet released. And you also can tinker with your phone and test other settings that Samsung originally may not allow.

usb debugging on galaxy a32

Why do you need to enable USB debugging on Galaxy A32

You know that hardly anything could go wrong with the Samsung phones. But since Android is an open OS, there are a lot of new apps ideas by new and blossoming developers.

However, they need to see if their apps work as intended by installing them on an actual phone. This can be tricky since the phone is not on the PlayStore and the only way to install is by direct installation.

If you are a developer or aspiring to be one, this is an important step to do whenever you get a new phone. That is, making your Samsung Galaxy A32 available for your whim to test the app you’re working on.

But even if you’re not a developer, you may need to enable debugging so you can control your phone. You may want to install something or check on the log. Whether it’s out of curiosity or necessity, being able to do USB debug is an option that you may not want to miss.

How to enable USB debugging

To enable USB debugging, you need to go to the setting. Load your home screen or swipe down the notification bar to see the setting icon. Tap and go to About Device/Phone.

Keep scrolling down until you found the Build number. Tap on the option up to ten times. You will see a notification that lets you know that the device recognizes you as a developer.

Return to the setting and you will see the developer options menu that wasn’t there before. Tap on it and you switch on USB debugging. And now you can install all apps that you want.

There is no exact number on how many times you need to tap on the phone’s Build number to enter the developer mode. But the average number is seven to ten times. Don’t be discouraged if you take more time while your friend can do it faster on their Samsung Galaxy A32.

It’s important to note that when you enable USB debugging on Galaxy A32, you are responsible for all of the possible consequences. You need the necessary precautions to protect the data on your phone. That way, you can enjoy all the freedom that the developer options give you. If you haven’t install any protection, it is best to do it as soon as possible. Of course, you can choose to use your Samsung Galaxy A32 as a dummy phone for testing apps only.

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