Turn off Driving Mode on Galaxy A32: Activating and Disabling the Tech

In the event you want to learn more about how to turn off driving mode on Galaxy A32, then read on. In the reality, Galaxy A32 is equipped with the so-called Do Not Disturb mode. This feature is accessible for the users. Feel free to activate it anytime of the day, even within scheduled times if you want to. But before you use it, there are several things you may want to know (and learn more) about this feature.

turn off driving mode on galaxy a32

Turn off driving mode on Galaxy A32: understanding the feature

Several Android phones have already had this Do Not Disturb mode, which is flexible enough for any kinds of situation (and settings). This feature is handy when you want to study all night long without being disturbed, for example, or when you are driving. This is where the most common misconception happens: Many people start to think that Samsung Galaxy has their own Driving mode, which is actually the Do Not Disturb mode.

Come to think of it, it’s pretty logical when you want to use the Do Not Disturb mode while driving. You need total focus and concentration so you won’t hurt yourself and other drivers. The problem is: Do you know how to activate it? Do you know how to disable it? Do you know how to tweak the feature as your heart desires?

How to activate the driving mode on your Galaxy A32

So, what are the steps to activate the feature?

  • Go to the home screen menu and choose Settings
  • Go with Notifications, which would be listed on the menu
  • Once you click on it, you can find various options. Do Not Disturb option is one of them. You only need to activate it by sliding it to turn it off and on
  • When you do it, you will see several options. There are Duration, Hide Notifications, Allow Exceptions, Turn on as Scheduled, and Turn on Now. Just slide the button on Turn on mode to activate it.
  • Your mode has been activated.

Other tweaks and personalization

What if you want the mode to be on automatically? Then use the Turn on as Scheduled option. When you tap on it, there would be an option Sleeping. When you click on it, it will show the days within a week. Choose the days where you want the mode activated, including the chosen timing hours. Click on Start Time to provide the starting hours. Then click End Time to provide the ending hours.

If you want tweaks and versatility, go with Allow Expectations. It allows you to set which messages and notifications you want to get. Keep in mind that you have full control over the Messages and Calls. You have the freedom to receive (or even block) certain contacts or even personalized settings. Access Touch Sounds option if you want to customize things up.

If you don’t really like getting all kinds of notifications (you only prefer some important apps for you), then Hide Notifications would be the best pick. There are several facilities being provided, such as Do Not Pop up Notifications, Hide All Notification, Hide Status Bar Icons, and such things alike.

Duration feature can be activated for a certain time frame. To activate it, just click on Duration and you will see a popup window. Choose your desired time frame and then click OK.

How to disable do not disturb mode?

Since you have learned how to activate this mode, knowing how to turn it off should be easy. You only need to do the reverse steps. Basically, go to Settings, then choose Notifications, and then just slide the Do Not Disturb option so it would be off.


Now that you have understood about this feature, you should be able to enjoy your phone more. Try it out yourself on how to turn off driving mode on Galaxy A32 and see if you appreciate it – or not!

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