How to Correctly Turn Off Delivery Report on Samsung Galaxy A32

You may not believe it, but some users don’t really bother whether their message has been sent or not, so they want to turn off delivery report on Samsung Galaxy A32. When smartphones are created, they are usually packed with features that are meant to make their work more seamless and more efficient. Delivery report is one of them. Unfortunately, not everyone likes this feature, which can lead to them wanting to disable the feature.

Turn off delivery report on Samsung Galaxy A32: What it is

Most Android phones are equipped with this feature where you can check whether your text message has been sent or not. Imagine this: You probably think that you already send it out, but it turns out that the delivery fails because of connection issue or other problems. This is where the report can come in handy. After all, this report would typically send out a (pop-up) notification to your device automatically, and it happens when you send a message.

turn off delivery report on galaxy a32

However, not everyone is happy with this report. Some people don’t really care whether their message would be sent out or not. Moreover, some people just don’t like dealing with the notifications because they consider those notifications to be ‘noisy’. So, if you don’t want to get the reports, there is a way to disable the feature.

Disable the message reports on Galaxy A32

In general, these are the basic steps to turn off your message delivery report.

  • From your home screen page, access apps. This is applicable by either swiping down or up your page
  • Open the Message application
  • Choose the icon ‘Menu’
  • From there, go with ‘Settings’
  • Opt the option ‘Advanced’
  • Once you do it, you will see the menu item ‘Get SMS delivery reports’ so you can activate or disable the (delivery) reports
  • You are done! The process won’t take forever

How to turn off the message reports on other Samsung devices

The above steps are applicable for Samsung Galaxy A32. But in the event that you have other Samsung devices and you want to disable the report delivery feature, there is no need to fret about the way. The steps may not be exactly identical, but they are basically almost similar. Follow these following steps to ensure efficient operation

  • Open Message
  • You should be able to see the 3-dot icon. It’s ‘More’ option button
  • Choose ‘Settings’
  • Choose the option ‘More Settings’
  • Then choose ‘Text Messages’
  • There would be an option ‘Show when Delivered’. Choose the switch if you want to turn the feature off

Other messaging settings

You are free to tweak messaging settings so you can personalize your message element. You can adjust the restore default settings, message limits, AMBER alert settings or emergency, Advanced Messaging, and also notification alerts.

What to do when you want to access the messaging settings?

  • Open Messages apps
  • Pick the (vertical) three dots icon and then go with ‘Settings’

What are the other messaging settings options? Aside from Turn off (or on) Advanced Messaging (which can be done by choosing ‘Advanced Messaging’ and then ‘Advanced Messaging switch”, there are other features to explore:

  • Turn off (or on) Advanced Message Read Receipts. You can do it by choosing ‘Advanced Messaging’, and then ‘Share read status’ switch
  • Access or Edit Message Notifications. Do it by choosing ‘Notifications’
  • Access View Messaging Center Number or SMS Settings. Go with ‘More Settings’, and then choose’ Text Messages’. The number for (message) center would be displayed there on the Text Messages Setting section
  • Access MMS Settings. Do this by going with ‘More Settings’ and then choose ‘Multimedia Messages


Those are the complete guide about messages. Once you know about how to turn off delivery report on Samsung Galaxy A32, everything would be just seamless.

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