How You Can Turn off Amber Alerts on Galaxy A32

Many people decided to turn off Amber alerts on Galaxy A32, and so can you. The AMBER system starts in 1996. Of course, the mobile phone back then was not as much as it is now. However, the government still uses and relies on the system to spread information about a missing child.

Amber is the broadcasting system that will keep you updated on news about a potential abduction case. It stands for America’s Missing: Broadcast Emergency Response. And several states, such as Hawaii, have their unique name for the system in respect of several cases that happened in the area.

turn off amber alerts on galaxy a32

Anyway, having an Amber alert on means you may receive multiple messages in a day. Especially when there is a recent case happening nearby.

How to turn off amber alerts on Galaxy A32

It is relatively easy to turn off amber alerts. You just need to tinker a little bit with the notification setting. Keep on reading as we’re telling you how.

First, you need to access the notification settings from the notification bar. Once you access the menu, scroll down until you found the notification and tap to access it.

On the notification menu, look for the Advanced setting. Choose Wireless Emergency Alert and tap the switch to disable it. You can enable the notification back when you wish to.

Using the steps above to go to the advanced setting and tap the switch on Wireless Emergency Alert to enable it back. As you see, switching amber alerts on and off is very easy to do.

You also can manage this emergency alert from messaging app. Go to the messaging app through the home screen or app drawer. And tap the three dots on the top right to open the messaging setting.

You can go straight to the notifications by tapping the notifications option. But you also can tinker with other messaging services a bit by checking the other options. For example, you can turn off the advanced messaging service so you won’t receive any random MMS or pictures sent in texts. Just tap the switch next to the advanced messaging option to turn it off or on.

Tap the more setting to load more options and you can tinker with the other texting setting, such as checking the message center number and so on. You also can switch off message read status here. This works if you don’t want others to see if you have read their messages.

Some Reminders For You

You also can control the messages you receive and sent by tinkering with the messaging app. Keep in mind that turning off advanced messaging means you can’t send regular MMS and have to rely on the regular or basic text service. And that may cause several issues with some of your friends who prefer this service.

Even though now you know how to turn off amber alerts and other emergency services, you may want to keep them on. This emergency broadcast is important for the authorities to find a missing person.

Also, before you tinker with any of your settings, make sure that you have backup all of the messages. Feel free to do the backup using your Samsung account or your provider’s one.

To turn off amber alert on Galaxy A32 is a personal choice. However, keep in mind that you never know when you will need this service or have any information that can help an ongoing case. It is still best to keep the service on as a precaution. But again, it’s a personal choice.

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