Easy Steps to Transfer Picture from Galaxy A32 to Computer

One of the questions that many people ask is how to transfer picture from galaxy A32 to computer. As you know, most people use their phone’s camera to take a picture. This is mostly because an actual camera can be too heavy to carry around. And most people don’t plan their best shots.


Anyway, transferring pictures and files between gadgets can be troublesome. Especially when you have a lot of gadgets and use them simultaneously. There are many image editing apps for mobile, but it’s not enough compared to advanced editing on the computer. And there are times when you need to include pictures you just take on your presentation.

In short, you need to be able to swiftly move the content of your phone camera folder to a computer. After all, it also works as backup storage.

How you can transfer picture from galaxy a32 to computer

It’s very easy to transfer pictures from your Galaxy A32. You can use the cloud system and have the picture synced on your Samsung account. Later, you can access it on your computer.

Having cloud storage helps a lot when you’re always on the go. But at the same time, it can lead to trouble since it can risk your data security. Anyway, there is still the option to go old-school and choose to use a cable instead.

First of all, you need to know the type of cable that your Samsung Galaxy A32 uses. It’s a type-C connector. You can use either the cable data you use to charge or a separate cable.

Connect the type-C end to your phone and the USB end to one of the free USB slots on your computer or laptop. Wait until you see the notification on your computer screen that a new device is attached.

Then swipe down the notification bar and tap the Android System Notification button. You will see the USB connection setting. Make sure that you have the radio button on This Phone and choose Transferring Images or Transferring files/Android Auto. Choosing other options won’t let you transfer any pictures from your phone to the computer.

Then return to your computer and click on This PC. You will see your phone as one of the drives. Double click the icon and choose the images you want from the specific folder.

But what if it’s a Mac?

If your computer is a Mac, connecting with an Android phone can cause another headache. But you can avoid that by having the Android File Transfer App on your Mac computer.

The next steps are identical to the previous steps. Connect your phone with your Mac using the type-C cable. Again, the USB side is the one connected to the computer and your phone has the type-C. You will see the same menu option as you swipe down the notification bar.

Again, choose Transferring Images or Android Auto. On your Mac, you can see that the Android File Transfer App is automatically open. You can see the folders inside your phone. Move the pictures by either drag and drop the files, or copy and paste them to the folders you want.

If you want the wireless version of file transfer, you can always use the cloud storage that your Samsung Galaxy A32 has. There are also a lot of apps that provide cloud storage such as DropBox and Google Drive. Samsung also provides storage through Samsung account.

Anyway, now you can transfer picture from galaxy A32 to computer on your own. You can move pictures from your phone to any computer you want either by cable or using cloud storage.

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