How to Stop Pop ups on Galaxy A32 and General Problems of Ads

The knowledge to stop pop ups on Galaxy A32 is extremely useful and handy, especially if these ads are pretty obtrusive and they can be annoying. Many people think that these ads are unstoppable; that they can’t do anything about it. Well, this is where they are wrong. You can actually do something about these ads so they won’t appear anymore on your device. The problem is: Do you know how to properly do it?

stop pop ups on galaxy a32

Why you want to stop pop ups on Galaxy A32

Do you know why there are pop-ups on your phone? Free applications would usually get their revenue through notifications, pop-ups, and ads. The regular ads and pop-ups may be different in format, style, look, and design, but they are basically sharing similar traits: They are parts of advertisement and promotion.

Many people are okay with these ads. The problem is: These ads or pop-ups are often the Trojan horse for malware and virus. A lot of Samsung Galaxy A32 users complain about their phones acting up after the pop-ups start showing up. They do not believe they already downloaded anything, yet problems occurs after these pop ups started to show. This is the major reason why people want to stop these ads from coming.

How to deal with (unwanted) pop-ups?

If you often use your mobile browser, and then you are ‘bombarded’ with ads, banners, and also pop-ups, there are ways to deal with it. If you use Chrome browser, do these steps:

  • Click on the three dots icon on the browser menu. See the right side of phone screen, you could find it
  • Go with Settings, and then choose Site Settings. Inside, you will find the option for Pop-ups and Redirects. Make sure that they are blocked.
  • Choose Settings, and then go with Site Settings. Pick the option Ads. Make sure that the option is blocked.
  • It’s also advisable that you clear out the browsing data. Choose Settings, and then Privacy. You should be able to see Basic Tab. Click the option Clear Browsing Data, so you can clear out the data.

If you use Mozilla Firefox, unfortunately, you won’t find any built-in pop-up blocker there (especially for Android). But you can always clear out the browsing data by doing these:

  • Choose the three dots icon. It’s placed next to the browser’s address bar. When you click it, it would open the menu for the browser
  • Go with Settings, and then choose Clear Private Data to clear out the listed data

If you use Samsung browser, here’s the thing you should perform:

  • Choose the three (horizontal) bars icon that is located on the bottom side of the screen
  • Choose Content Blockers. You will see several suggested blockers. Simply pick one.
  • When you return to the menu, choose Settings. Right under Advanced option, pick Privacy and Security. And then choose Delete Browsing Data

How to avoid ads

Don’t want those ads from coming back again? Then do these as precautions:

  • Make sure that your browser is able to block ads and pop-ups. How to do so? By installing ads blocker. Some browsers have their own extensions to block those ads. Some, however, may require extra downloading on your part.
  • Don’t click on any link, especially if they look suspicious and shady. Remove any spammy notification or ad right away.
  • If you are about to download apps, make sure that you get the links from trusted and reliable sources. If you download it from the PlayStore, check the rating. Avoid the ones with suspiciously low rating. Don’t forget to always read the user reviews. If many of them have reported the problems, then walk away. Also check the developers. You want to go with trusted names in the business.

In the end, managing pop-up blockage isn’t difficult. Once you figure it out how to stop pop ups on Galaxy A32, you should be able to protect your device effectively.

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