How to Show Battery Percentage on Galaxy A32 and Tweaking the Setting

Knowing how to tweak the battery setting on your Galaxy phone can be handy, especially if you want to show battery percentage on Galaxy A32. Not many people would consider this feature important, but in reality, knowing the percentage of your battery can give you ideas whether you have enough juice running or you need to charge it right away. So, do you know how to activate the setting? Do you know how to tweak it all? If not, read on and find out how you can manage everything.

show battery percentage on galaxy a32

The functions and usages to show battery percentage on Galaxy A32

On the contrary to what people believe, tweaking the battery setting is easier than done. All you have to do is to locate the battery setting, turn it on, and you can see how much power your device has. The following setting is designed to enable users see the power level. To make it even more convenient, the info would be displayed next to the battery icon. Hopefully, your device will always have enough juice and you won’t have to worry about running it out anymore.

How to activate the Setting

So, here’s the basic step to tweak the setting:

  • Go to the main menu and then go with Settings
  • After you are inside Settings, go with Battery and Device Care
  • After that, choose Battery. Once you are inside, scroll down. Find More Battery Settings and click on it
  • You will see Show Battery Percentage. There is a slider on it. Simply slide it to turn it on (or off). Make sure that it is on.
  • You are set! Now you should be able to see the battery percentage on the main page

How to set the battery saving mode

The initial steps to tweak the setting are almost similar to the previous one, but with some slight differences:

  • Choose Settings, and then go with Battery and Device Care
  • Choose Battery
  • Then choose the Power Saving Mode by doing these adjustments:
  • Limit Home screen and apps
  • Decrease the brightness up to 10%
  • Limit the CPU speed to around 70%
  • There is a feature known as Always On Display. Turn it off
  • Afterwards, you should see Background Usage Limits. Again, you may want to do some arrangements on this matter by turning off (or on) the following features:
  • Deep sleeping apps
  • Disable (unused) apps or put them to sleep
  • Never sleeping apps
  • Sleeping apps
  • You still have to deal with one more feature. In More Battery Settings, you need to tweak these following features:
  • Fast charging
  • Adaptive battery
  • Show charging info
  • Show battery percentage

Some tips to save battery

Not many people know this, but their phone and the apps can actually drain battery when not properly set. If you want to save more power, here is the thing you should do:

  • Turn the Airplane Mode on whenever you are traveling to areas without WiFi or mobile signal. This will definitely save battery because your device won’t continuously work hard to find the signal
  • Uninstall any unused app
  • Turn off Bluetooth, smartphone mobile hotspot, GPS, and WiFi when they aren’t in use
  • Lower the timeout duration and screen brightness
  • Make sure to always update your software to the latest version
  • Set your phone to sleep whenever it isn’t used. There is a quick way to do it. You only need to press Power button quickly so your screen would go to the sleep mode
  • Turn off any background data
  • Change the setting on app sync

Final words

The focus of this article is on battery and its management. Hopefully, after you have learned everything about it, including how to show battery percentage on Galaxy A32, you can save up more juice to enable your phone to run more efficiently.

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