How to Set Up Voicemail on Galaxy A32 Easily

You came to the right place if you are looking for the steps to set up voicemail on Galaxy A32. This article discusses a depth guide on setting up voicemail along with the solutions in case there are problems regarding the voicemail setting.

For many people, voicemail becomes a crucial feature as it allows them to effectively deal with any call without missing out on anything. That’s because unlike written messages, voicemail messages won’t be distorted or lost.

Basically, the way to set up and use voicemail on Galaxy A32 is quite similar to setting up other Samsung Galaxy types. So, if you have used any older Samsung Galaxy before, you must be familiar with the steps below.

Steps to Set Up Voicemail on Galaxy A32

First of all, open the Phone App from your Samsung device. You will three dots on the screen. Tap on the icon and tap on Settings. Then, select Voicemail and go to Voicemail Settings. The next step is to input Voicemail Number from the dialer. After that, press the dialer button (the green one in the middle). That’s it. Now you have just set up voicemail on the device and it’s ready to use.

set up voicemail on galaxy a32

How to listen to voicemail

After you set up voicemail, you can retrieve voicemail messages and listen to them. To listen to them on Samsung Galaxy 32, you should follow these simple steps. First, go to Applications on your phone. There, you can find Visual Voicemail. Simply tap on the one you want to hear and select the blue Play icon so you can listen to the selected message.

How to address voicemail issues on Galaxy A32

Sometimes, messages do not go straight to your voicemail. This is probably caused by bad internet connection. When this happens, try to turn your phone off in a while and turn it on again. The messages you didn’t see will be waiting for you. This is, of course, if the voicemail service is properly working.

However, if you still cannot see any messages after turning off your phone, there might be some problems and here are how to fix them.

Check the voicemail settings

The failure to access voicemail usually is caused by incorrect voicemail settings. Therefore, the first thing to do when this happens is to make sure that the settings are correct. The Voicemail can be found in the Setting option (You can scroll it from the drop-down menu). Things you should check are the selected carrier and the voicemail number.

Ask for new voicemail setting

If the problem still persists even though you believe that the voicemail settings are correct, possibly there are conflicting settings causing the issue. You can try solving it by requesting new voicemail setting from your carrier depending on your carrier and location.

However, this may cost you some extra. For further information, it is recommended to visit the official website of your carrier. Alternatively, you can call your carrier directly.

If the default voicemail service is not working, instead of trying to fix it, you can simply download and install voicemail app from Play Store. However, trying to fix it by either checking the settings and call your carrier for support is more recommended.

So, that’s how to set up voicemail on Galaxy A32 and how to listen to voicemail messages. In addition, the article also covers a few ways to fix your voicemails in case there is a problem. By reading the article, it is hoped that you won’t miss any important messages from your callers

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