How to Screenshot on Galaxy A32 Easily

Why do you need to know how to screenshot on Galaxy A32? Well, people screenshots for different reasons. Aside from knowing those reasons, you can also learn about various ways to manage such a thing on your phone.

How to screenshot on Galaxy A32: Why screenshots?

On the contrary to what people believe, screenshots are handy. It’s not just about sharing what you experience with other people, but it can also improve working efficiency and other things. For instance, some people need to do screenshots for evidence. This is typically done by online or website admins. Some, may do it for sharing. Others do it for business purpose.

screenshot on galaxy a32

The action of taking the screenshots and then saving and then sharing them is important. You can take that spam message on the email, the beautiful example of a wreath, and so many more. You may not believe it, but screenshots are also helpful for work and business. For instance, it helps you to work together with others. Let’s say that you have seen the example flyer for your project. When you screenshot it and add some comments or revisions, your team can learn about it in no time.

The easiest way

All smartphone companies have come up with ways to make the operations easier. The same thing also happens to A32. You only need to use the physical keys for the job. Your phone has buttons on the side, consisting of volume (up and down) and then power. If you want to screenshot, you only need to press those volume down and power buttons together and hold. Don’t let go until you see the screen flashes white. The white flash is the indication that the screenshot photo has completed.

Moreover, once it is done, you will see a menu bar (a small one, though) will show on the screen, located on the bottom side. This screen has 3 buttons: one is for cropping and editing, one is for activating Scroll Capture, and another one is for sharing (for your social media, naturally). Choose the one that you want to perform, and you are done.

The second method to taking a screenshot on Samsung Galaxy A32

If you want to explore your options in taking screenshots in the most creative way, this second method is applicable. This method is also possible if you have some button issues so you can’t take the shots in the simplest manner. Samsung Galaxy A32 has the so-called Palm Swipe (to Capture) which is quite handy in some emergency situation. But first, you need to enable this feature.

What are the steps?

  • Head to Settings.
  • Go with Advanced Features.
  • Choose Motions and Gestures.
  • You should be able to see Palm Swipe to Capture option.
  • By default, this feature is disabled. That’s why you need to tap it to activate (and enable) it.

Now, all you have to do is to swipe your hand, right across the screen. How do you know that it works? You will sense vibration on the phone, meaning that your screenshot has been captured. Pretty convenient, eh? Consider this as the sophisticated way to screenshot anything, in case you are bored with the regular one.

The third option

If you have problems with your buttons and you can’t really perform the simplest method (the first and regular one), then this one can also be a solution. Why don’t you try the Assistant Menu? Just like before, you will have to turn it on first.

Steps to activate Assistant Menu are:

  • Go with Settings.
  • Choose Accessibility.
  • Once it opens, you will see some option. Go with Assistant Menu.
  • Then you will see this small circle, in which you should tap on.
  • After you click on it, several options will surface. Go with Screenshots.
  • Then you should see the screen flash white, meaning that it has taken the screenshot you need. That’s about it!.


With so many different options, you can manage the screenshots the way you like it! Now that you already know how to screenshot on Galaxy A32, the best thing to do now is to practice.

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