How to Screen Record Galaxy A32: A Complete Guide

Today’s new guide is about how to screen record Galaxy A32. If you have this particular type of Samsung Galaxy, screen recording is relatively very easy. This feature allows you to share a captured video or screen, recording it in several modes. Screen recording makes the users able to see the information shared in the same way as the sharer.

So, how to screen record on this smartphone? This comprehensive guide discusses two methods to do that. Here are the steps of each method. Two methods are show so if the first method does not work, you will still have another option to try.

screen record galaxy a32

Screen record Galaxy A32 using screen record icon

First of all, open the Quick Panel by swiping down your smartphone screen from the top. After that, tap the Screen Recorder Icon. The quality of the recording is available in several choices. In case you want to change the quality, just press the icon longer otherwise you will get the default quality.

The next step is to deal with the Sound settings. Here, you can select the desired settings for the recording such as Media Sound, mic, or No Sound. When the preferred sound is set, tap on the Start recording. That’s completely done. It’s very easy, right? These steps can be completed within just a few minutes.

Now the screen recording will automatically start in your Samsung Galaxy A32. At the top of the screen, you will see several options such as a countdown clock and a pen tool to create pictures. When you are done with the screen recording, just press the stop icon button.

What of the screen record icon is not visible?

In some cases, you might not see the screen record icon in Quick Panel (probably because of the setting of your phone). Don’t worry when this happens because being invisible does not mean the button does not exist.

Look at the top right corner of the Quick Panel. There is a three-dot vertical icon, right? Tap on the Button Order and you will find the Record Screen Icon. Move it in the Quick Access panel by simply drag it in the icon button section. That’s it.

Using screen recording apps

Although, Samsung Galaxy A32 is already equipped with a built-in screen recording feature, you can still screen record on it using a third-party application. Using the app can be the alternative way to screen record. Third-party apps also offer some features that may not be available in the default screen recording feature. That’s why some users choose to use third-party apps due to the so many additional features they have.

There are so many screen recording apps that work for Samsung Galaxy A32. One of them is XRecorder. You can find and download this app in Play Store. When the download is finished, the app will be automatically installed on your Samsung device. Just wait until the installation process is done. This may take times depending on the size of the app and the speed of the internet connection.

Next, open the app after it is completely installed. Now, you can use the app to screen record any video. Sometimes, the screen record is visible in the notification panel, but if it is not, simply open the app manually whenever you want to use it.

So, which method you prefer? Whether you prefer using built-in feature or using third-party app, both methods are equally useful. After you learn the methods of how to screen record Galaxy A32 presented above, you will be able to record any screen, save it, and share it to others via any platform.

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