How to Schedule Text Message on Galaxy A32

You probably are interested in learning how to schedule text message on Galaxy A32. After all, such a thing is probably handier than you have thought. Often miss a birthday greeting – until you realize that it’s almost the turn of the following day? Or you probably want to be the first one that says Happy Birthday to someone special, but staying up late is always impossible for you? Well, whatever your reason is, you can always manage the scheduled text at your own convenience, but be sure to understand the function completely and how you can manage it well.

The importance to schedule text message on Galaxy A32

As it was mentioned before, scheduled text messages do have their own functions and usages. But then again, it’s more than just about missing out a birthday greeting. You can actually use it for business and other crucial matters. What if have ideas about the next company meeting, and you want to discuss it with your partner? Unfortunately, it’s already late. You are torn between sending the message now and doing it later – with the risk that you may forget it. After all, you aren’t sure whether your partner is the type that always turns off the device when sleeping.

schedule text message on galaxy a32

What if you have a crucial matter about your son’s school and you want to discuss it with the teacher, but you are worried that you may forget it the next day? What if you have an important and potential client who asked you to remind him of both your following (important) meeting? What if you miss the date and blow off the chance?

As you see, there are tons of functions for scheduled text messages – and not everyone realizes it! But you know better, right? And thanks to technology, you can even manage your text so there won’t be another forgetful moment. As long as you know the proper method to manage the scheduling, you won’t have to worry about forgetting anything.

How to manage a scheduled message on your Samsung phone

So, if you want to use the text message and then send scheduled message, here’s how to do it:

  • Open Message app. You should be able to find it as a default icon on the menu. If you don’t know it, the icon is blue bubble with white and smaller inner bubble containing 3 dots in horizontal manner.
  • If you already have an existing conversation, just tap on it. But if you want to start a completely new (and fresh one!), it would be no sweat.
  • There would be + icon. Tap it.
  • Choose the one that says Scheduled Message
  • Then choose the Date and Time you want, and finalize it with Done
  • Just type in those messages that you want to send
  • There is an up arrow icon when you are ready to send the message
  • The message would be sent out within the scheduled time

A useful trick

In the event that you go out from Samsung Message before you can make the schedule, no need to worry. Your text has been automatically saved. It is saved in a draft format, and you are free to continue from the point that you had left off. Just re-open the app and continue.

Another handy benefit is that you can make as many texts as possible and then schedule them. What if you want to remove the scheduled text? You just need to press the message for a while. When there is a menu overlay popping up, choose the Delete option. That’s it!

Final words

Samsung makes sure that all of their products are functional and useful. So, make use of their provided schedule a text message on galaxy A32 for important (text) messages that you want to send.

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