Root Galaxy A32: Why Doing It and How?

If you want to root Galaxy A32, make sure that you know the details as well as the risks in performing the action. Rooting can set your device free, but it is also a risky process. Be sure that you understand everything before jumping into the action – and then regret it afterwards.

root galaxy a32

Reasons to Root Galaxy A32

Why would you want to root your phone, anyway? Well, rooting is basically deliberating your phone from manufacturer’s restrictions. If you are happy with your phone and you want to use it as it is, then you don’t need to root your device. However, if you want to install other software and apps (especially the ones that aren’t allowed by your manufacturer), then rooting the device may be considered the best option.

Things you must do before rooting your phone

Don’t forget to do these things before you perform the rooting activity

  • Charge your Galaxy A32 to full, or at least to around 75% of the battery power. If you have less power than that, big chances that you will be stuck or freeze during the process.
  • Back your data up.
  • Install the special Samsung USB drivers.
  • Download similar firmware (running currently on your operating system).
  • Download ODIN flash tool and install it for your PC.
  • Download the most current Magisk app.

Be advised that the methods shown within this article haven’t been tested for EVERY Samsung phones. The methods are only applicable for Galaxy A32 so it would be unwise if you try it on other types although they are Samsung phones or they are within the same Galaxy variants. If you are adamant about doing the process for other devices, the risk is all yours.

How to unlock Galaxy A32’s bootloader

Follow these steps to unlock it:

  • Make sure you have backup all of your data because the process will delete all of them.
  • Go to Settings. Choose About Phone. Go with Software Info, and then click the Build Number option 7 times.
  • Go to Settings again. Enable USB debugging and OEM unlock by going to Settings, and then choosing Developer Options. There, enable those features.
  • Turn your Galaxy A32 off. Connect it to the desktop. Use the (original) USB cable.
  • Hold Volume Up and Volume Down buttons together until there is a warning screen showing up.
  • Press Volume Up button so you can boot to the download mode.
  • When your phone is booting (within download mode), press Volume Up button long. By doing this, you have started the process to unlock bootloader. This action would delete your phone’s data. This is the reason why backing up the data is crucial.
  • The phone will reboot its system.
  • To check, choose Developers. If the OEM Unlock is ‘grey-ed’, then the bootloader has been unlocked. If it happens, you need to wait for several days before you try it out again – that is, if you want to try it again.

How to patch the firmware

  • Make sure that you already download the needed firmware and then extract it.
  • Copy the available AP file. Transfer it to the internal storage.
  • Download (and install) Magisk Manager apk..
  • Open that Magisk Manager app. Choose Install, and then Install again. Go with Select and Patch a File. Choose the AP file. This action will cause Magisk Manager to start the patching process. Later, the file would be saved with the name magisk_patched.tar file.
  • When the boot image has been patched, copy that file magisk_patched.tar to the PC.

How to use Odin Flash Tool

  • Again, you need to download Odin Flash tool into the PC and install it. Make sure that you have enabled OEM unlock and USB debugging option first.
  • Boot the phone into download mode. Connect to your desktop.
  • Open Odin too. Make sure the phone is correctly connected.
  • Click on AP and choose the file magisk_patched.tar.
  • Check whether the option Auto Reboot has been unchecked.
  • Choose Start.
  • Wait for a while because this process does take time. You should get a notification ‘PASS’ meaning that the process is done.
  • Remove the phone from your PC. Press both Volume up and Power buttons and hold. Don’t release them until you see the warning screen for the Bootloader.
  • The process is done.

Those are the complete steps to root your device. It’s advisable that you do your research completely, including knowing the risks and the precautions before you actually root Galaxy A32.

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