Galaxy A32 Features: What to Expect from the Phone

galaxy a32 features

When people decide to buy Galaxy A32, they need to pay attention to Galaxy A32 features. Be advised that the features we are going to talk here is for A32 4G, not the A32 5G. They may seem similar in overall aspect, but they are actually different in details. If you want to buy the A32 5G, then this article isn’t for you.

galaxy a32 features

Galaxy A32 Features and ‘History’

The A32 was launched not far away from the launch of its A32 5G. According to Samsung, the A32 packs minor updates from the previous Galaxy A31. It is designed as the budget phone that would compete against other names, including Nokia 5.4, 2021 Huawei P Smart, Huawei Lite P40, Xiaomi Redmi Note, and Oppo A53.

The design

In terms of design, you have to admit that A32 isn’t exactly the most beautiful product that Samsung has made. With all plastic body, the phone is basically far from the ideal product. The design is simply ‘boring’, but the charcoal frame somewhat has its own high gloss finish that makes it look ‘luxurious’ and far from being cheap. But the design and material are the reasons why the weight is low. And despite its all plastic construction, the A32 is wonderfully sturdy and solid. It feels just right on your hand. You may not believe that it’s actually plastic, if you don’t know the specs or read user reviews

The display screen

One thing that makes this device a winner, even when compared to A32 5G, is the display screen. It uses AMOLED screen, which is quite amazing – considering that it is basically a budget device. Despite its 6.4 inch screen, the AMOLED makes it crisp, bright, and clear. The screen has its own nice sharpness although there is a limitation with the refresh rate. Scrolling is nice and fun, and its speed is convenient enough. And let’s not forget that this device has its own fingerprint sensor. And the location is on the display screen, which is quite convenient and handy.

Performance and result

The processor may not be very promising. After all, G80 MediaTek Helio CPU is quite average. It’s not very impressive, but it can get the device running. Apps can load pretty fast. When you switch apps, there may be a second or two delays, but it’s not a big issue. This CPU is being paired with Mali G52. It is considered the predictable and standard configuration.

Pros and cons

There are many (good) reasons why Galaxy A32 is claimed as one of the best smartphones, especially for those budget-conscious people. Of course, there are several winning features of the phone, but it’s not a completely perfect device. Expect some great strength, but don’t be surprised with some of the flaws either.

Some of the great things about this phone are:

Long battery life

Impressive and great camera performance

Responsive AMOLED screen

On the downside, however, the design may be considered boring and unattractive. Well, what do you expect from a device that is made completely from plastic? But then you need to remember that A32 is designed as ‘cheap’ product. It’s a budget-friendly smartphone that comes with high-end sophistication and quite premium abilities. It’s pretty normal (and quite logical, really) if the phone has several minor downsides. But then again, you can enjoy more benefits and perks when compared to the minor flaws.

Final words

If you want quality without spending a fortune or if you are into photography (and you are on a budget), then this phone is for you. However, based on Galaxy A32 features, this phone isn’t for those who want to enjoy the power – as the phone can get all basic functionalities done, but not more.

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Galaxy A32 Specification: Comparisons between A32 and A32 5G

galaxy a32 specification

If you want to know more about Galaxy A32 specification, make sure whether it is the A32 or the A32 5G. They may not seem different, but you’d be surprised to know how much difference can several details make. Not to mention that several people say that the A32 is actually way better than the A32 5G. Is it true or is it just users’ (personal) opinions? Let’s check the specs then, shall we?

Galaxy A32 Specification and Comparisons with A32 5G

Let’s start from the display screen. The A32 comes with Super AMOLED 6.4 inch Infinity-U screen with 90Hz refreshing rate, full resolution and HD+, and also Gorilla Glass 5 for protection. In the meantime, Galaxy A32 5G comes with TFT LCD 6.5 inch display screen with ‘only’ 60Hz refresh rate and HD+ resolution.

As if it weren’t enough, the (in-display) fingerprint reader is slightly different between the two. Not to mention that A32 73.6 x 158.9 x 8.4 mm with 184g) is lighter and smaller when compared to A32 5G (76.1 x 164.2 x 9.1 mm with 205g).

galaxy a32 specification

What about the camera? Still, the A32 ‘beats’ up A32 5G in the camera department. A32 comes with 64MP (primary) camera, 8MP ultrawide camera, 5MP depth sensor, 5MP macro camera, and also 20MP selfie camera. The A32 5G, on the other hand, comes with ‘only’ 48MP (primary) camera, 8MP ultrawide camera, 2MP depth sensor, 5MP macro camera, and also 13MP selfie camera.

However, when it comes to processor, the A32 5G is the winner. It uses 720 MediaTek Dimensity processor while A32 is using G80 MediaTekHelio. Both of them are running on Android 11 (that also comes with One UI 3.1) and they are using 5,000mAh battery having 15W fast charging ability.

More details about both devices

Let’s not forget that both devices share several similarities, and yet they also share their own differences. For instance, both of them have 128 GB of storage capacity. They also have their own independent SD slot. In terms of security, they have fingerprint sensor. But in A32, the sensor is located on the screen. On A32 5G, however, the sensor is on the side. Both of them have fingerprint, light sensor, proximity, light sensor, and geomagnetic. However, in A32, there are more sensors, including gyroscope and hall.

In terms of display screen (in details), both have 20:9 aspect ratio. But A32 has 1080 x 2400 pixel resolution with 411 ppi (pixel per inch). A32 5G has 720 x 1600 pixel resolution with 270 ppi. Both devices have capacitive screen with water drop notch feature. They are also frameless and support multi-touch technology. Both also have 2.5D (curved) glass screen. However, A32 comes with scratch resistant and Infinity-U display, whereas A32 5G doesn’t.

User reviews and feedbacks

Don’t forget to consider user review when you want to decide whether to buy A32 or the A32 5G. Here are some details about each section and performance of the phone.

In terms of scratch resistant and drop resistant feature, more users are happier with A32. A32 gets overall 7.0 rate when compared to 6.8 rate on A32 5G

In terms of the ability to see well in sunlight, A32 also gets more rating than A32 5G. In fact, the rating is quite significant in the gap where A32 gets 9.0 and A32 5G only gets 7.2

In terms of usage comfort, again, A32 is better than A32 5G. The rating is 8.4 compared to 7.0

In terms of functionality (whether users think of it as a nice and useful phone), 8.6 rating is for A32 than the 7.6 rate for A32 5G.


User rating and reviews mostly state that A32 is better than A32 5G, but it depends on users’ preference, really. What do you think of both devices after you have seen (and read) the Galaxy A32 specification?

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How Galaxy A32 User Manual Can Tell Detailed Specs of a Product

galaxy a32 user manual

The reason why you should consult your Galaxy A32 user manual is to help you operate the device better. People take the user manual for granted. They often ‘believe’ that they know how the device works and they should be able to figure it out. They think they don’t need the manual because they already have the knowledge. Well, sorry to say, but in most cases, these people are the ones needing the most help when they have issues with the phone. Every device is different and unique, even when they look alike or they come from the same line. The differences are small and tiny, but they have a great impact on the function.

Galaxy A32 User Manual and the Common Problems

Many people don’t even realize that user manual can help them a great deal – until it’s too late. In some cases, they operate the phone and then come across issues. When they complain, it turns out that those possible issues have been written on the manual. If they have been wiser, they could have prevented it from the beginning.

Some people are confused why their new phone doesn’t work normally. It’s the same brand as their previous device. They should have been the same, right? In reality, if they only had checked the manual, they would understand that detailed specs and features are different.

The Example: Galaxy A32 4G and 5G

From a glimpse, they don’t seem different, right? They are coming from the same lineup of A32, although one is using 4G and another is using the more advanced 5G. But it’s only a matter of connection, right? So, there shouldn’t be any difference in the operation or the specs.

galaxy a32 user manual

Well, wrong, wrong, and wrong. If you even bother checking the user manual, you will see that both devices hide several significant differences despite the seemingly similar physical appearance.

The A32 5G has 6.5 inches of screen size with IPS LCD as the screen type. It comes with 720 x 1600 pixels and it supports multi-touch touchscreen feature. In terms of hardware, it uses Qualcomm Snapdragon chipset 750G. The Android OS is v.11 with One UI 3.0. The available RAM is 4 and 6 GB, with only 126 GB as the storage space. The front camera has 13 MP.

On the meantime, the A32 4G comes with 6.4 inch with S-AMOLED as the screen type. It supports 1080 x 2400 pixels for the resolution. It also supports multi touch touchscreen feature. For the hardware, it uses Mediatek Helio chipset G80 with Android OS v11. The available RAM is 4, 6, and 8 GB with storage space being offered in either 64 GB or 128 GB. The front camera has 20 MP.

As you can see, the detailed specs for each phone are different. Granted that both share similar features. For instance, both support microSD. Both also support 5000 mAh lithium ion battery with 15W for the fast charging. After all, they are within the same line, so having several similarities is pretty normal. But then again, you should realize that nothing can be 100% identical with another one. If you want to avoid making serious mistakes with your phone, then refer to your manual.

Conclusion Thoughts

It’s easy to underestimate something, especially if it seems not crucial. But you should start to realize that user manual is a good way for the manufacturers to communicate and convey messages to the users. Think of it as the company’s way to describe their products to users like you, including the information to avoid making mistakes.

What if you can’t find your manual in the box? Today’s user manual is available in digital format. Feel free to download it from the company’s official website. After all, you won’t lose the digital Galaxy A32 user manual once you keep it in your phone.

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