Galaxy A32 Features: What to Expect from the Phone

When people decide to buy Galaxy A32, they need to pay attention to Galaxy A32 features. Be advised that the features we are going to talk here is for A32 4G, not the A32 5G. They may seem similar in overall aspect, but they are actually different in details. If you want to buy the A32 5G, then this article isn’t for you.

galaxy a32 features

Galaxy A32 Features and ‘History’

The A32 was launched not far away from the launch of its A32 5G. According to Samsung, the A32 packs minor updates from the previous Galaxy A31. It is designed as the budget phone that would compete against other names, including Nokia 5.4, 2021 Huawei P Smart, Huawei Lite P40, Xiaomi Redmi Note, and Oppo A53.

The design

In terms of design, you have to admit that A32 isn’t exactly the most beautiful product that Samsung has made. With all plastic body, the phone is basically far from the ideal product. The design is simply ‘boring’, but the charcoal frame somewhat has its own high gloss finish that makes it look ‘luxurious’ and far from being cheap. But the design and material are the reasons why the weight is low. And despite its all plastic construction, the A32 is wonderfully sturdy and solid. It feels just right on your hand. You may not believe that it’s actually plastic, if you don’t know the specs or read user reviews

The display screen

One thing that makes this device a winner, even when compared to A32 5G, is the display screen. It uses AMOLED screen, which is quite amazing – considering that it is basically a budget device. Despite its 6.4 inch screen, the AMOLED makes it crisp, bright, and clear. The screen has its own nice sharpness although there is a limitation with the refresh rate. Scrolling is nice and fun, and its speed is convenient enough. And let’s not forget that this device has its own fingerprint sensor. And the location is on the display screen, which is quite convenient and handy.

Performance and result

The processor may not be very promising. After all, G80 MediaTek Helio CPU is quite average. It’s not very impressive, but it can get the device running. Apps can load pretty fast. When you switch apps, there may be a second or two delays, but it’s not a big issue. This CPU is being paired with Mali G52. It is considered the predictable and standard configuration.

Pros and cons

There are many (good) reasons why Galaxy A32 is claimed as one of the best smartphones, especially for those budget-conscious people. Of course, there are several winning features of the phone, but it’s not a completely perfect device. Expect some great strength, but don’t be surprised with some of the flaws either.

Some of the great things about this phone are:

Long battery life

Impressive and great camera performance

Responsive AMOLED screen

On the downside, however, the design may be considered boring and unattractive. Well, what do you expect from a device that is made completely from plastic? But then you need to remember that A32 is designed as ‘cheap’ product. It’s a budget-friendly smartphone that comes with high-end sophistication and quite premium abilities. It’s pretty normal (and quite logical, really) if the phone has several minor downsides. But then again, you can enjoy more benefits and perks when compared to the minor flaws.

Final words

If you want quality without spending a fortune or if you are into photography (and you are on a budget), then this phone is for you. However, based on Galaxy A32 features, this phone isn’t for those who want to enjoy the power – as the phone can get all basic functionalities done, but not more.

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