The Detailed Ability of Galaxy A32 Camera

You may be surprised to know that the quality of Galaxy A32 camera is somewhat better than Galaxy A32 5G. We may talk about some details of their comparisons, but this article would focus mostly on Galaxy A32.

Galaxy A32 Camera in a Glimpse

Although Galaxy A32 is designed as a budget-friendly phone, it doesn’t mean that it would be lousy or lame. On the contrary, with the camera system, you can enjoy premium next-level photo experience. If you use the 64MP ultra high resolution camera, you can enjoy clear and crisp photos. The Ultra Wide camera enables you to expand your viewing angle so you can enjoy ‘wider’ outcome. Make use of the macro camera to see the details better or use the depth camera feature to customize the focus. Whatever setting you choose, you should be able to expect breathtaking results with super easy management.

The quad camera system

Galaxy A32 uses the classic 2+2 system on the back. It means that you can see 2 (real) cameras as well as the extra 2 so it would be 4. The fact that it has a depth as well as macro adds another positive element of the phone. Moreover, each of them is 5MP; not ‘only’ 2MP.

The primary camera is using the 64MP sensor with Tetrapixel design. This is the newest models whose lens have f/1.8 aperture, 25mm equivalent (focal) length, 16MP output images (by default), and 4-to-1 binning. What about the ultrawide camera? It also comes with impressive quality. With 8MP, it is almost perfect, especially as the middle design for A52 (with its 13MP) and A12 (with its 5MP).

If you are into selfies so much, the camera has 20MP quality with Quad Bayer (filter) array and SK Hynix sensor. The lens have f/2.2 aperture and also 25mm focal length. Moreover, A32 camera app uses the latest technology having OneUI 3.1. Its biggest improvement would be on the video resolution relocation to the viewfinder. Is there another improvement? No, the camera is basically similar to other pre-OneUI from Samsung. But rest assured that you will enjoy easy (and also straightforward) operation.

Basic operation

It’s pretty usual and basic. If you swipe right and left, it would switch the available modes. You can also find a handy option to remove, add, or re-arrange the available modes from its viewfinder. If you perform vertical swipe (either up to bottom or bottom to up), you can switch the rear and front cameras.

The camera has its own Pro mode, but don’t expect overly sophisticated design and operation from it. You can only enjoy the preferable ISO (ranging between 100 and 800), exposure compensation dial (around -2EV to around +2EV within 0.1EV increments), and white balance. It’s unfortunate that it doesn’t offer manual focusing option.

Daylight quality

In overall, daylight photos from A32 are good. The 16MP resolution makes sure that you can get enough details although they may not result from the sharpest outcome. In general, these shots have little (to no) noise. When it comes to colors, they are somewhat more restrained, but they are far from being dull. What about odd or unusual color casts? No need to worry; you won’t find such a thing. Expect respectable dynamic range too although it isn’t as wide as other sophisticated models.

Low-light quality

The quality photos for low-light setting are not impressive. In general, these photos are noisy and soft with narrow dynamic range. However, if you produce photos in (warmly) lit scenes, the quality would be better. Other phones may fail because their photos would have orange cast, but it’s not the case with A32.


All in all, the camera in A32 is quite good. Some even say that it’s better than A32 5G. Try it out if you want to see the overall result and quality of Galaxy A32 camera.

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