Factory Reset Galaxy A32: Step-by-Step Process

If you are looking for the steps to factory reset Galaxy A32, you came to the right site. This articles show you how to factory reset your Samsung Galaxy device safely. However, before you learn how to do that, it is better to get to know why factory reset is required.

Why do You Need to Factory Reset Galaxy A32?

There are a number of reasons why you may need to factory reset your phone. Usually, people factory reset their device before selling it to someone else. It will delete your photos, messages, contacts, and other personal data. Without deleting them, your personal data will stay on the phone and may be accessed by others.

The second reason for doing a factory reset is to clean the phone completely and delete existing viruses or malwares that can cause errors in the application or software. For your information, viruses and malwares can lead to some issues such as frozen and unresponsive screen.

Not only does resetting your phone solve these issue, it also help speed up your device so it can run and work faster. Doing a factory reset is also needed when you forget password or pattern lock. In a nutshell, it deletes all data on your device with no exception.

After being reset, the device will return to the condition like when it’s new or shipped from the factory. Note that all data will be deleted from your phone including device settings, installed apps, Google account, pictures, music, and all other user data.

How to Factory Reset Samsung Galaxy A32

There are two methods to perform a factory reset for your Samsung Galaxy A32 as explained below:

From settings menu

First of all, find Settings icon on your home screen and tap on it. After that, select Genera management and tap Reset. There will some options available, but you need to select Factory Data Reset. Right after you tap on it, the Android OS will tell you that all data are going to be completely erased from the phone.

factory reset galaxy a32

After you are sure with your decision to perform a factory reset, tap the Reset button. Once again, your phone will remind you, saying that all data including the download app and personal information will be erased and they cannot be recovered after that.

reset galaxy a32

In some cases, you will be asked to enter a password, pattern, or PIN code. Enter it and press Continue. Then, it is time to press Delete All so the factory reset will begin. The process may take time depending on how many data stored in the phone. So, just wait until the process is fully completed. Your phone will reboot once the factory reset is done.

From recovery menu

You can also factory reset your phone from Recovery Menu. Before your start, make sure your Samsung Galaxy phone is turned off. The next step is to long-press the Volume Up button and Side key together. Release both buttons when Samsung logo appears.

After a few second, an Android Recovery menu will appear on the screen. Press the Volume Down button and select Factory Reset Option. Lastly, confirm the selection using the Power Button. That’s it.

Because a factory reset is like formatting you device in which it will erase any data such as user data, all device settings, and third-party apps, you should be careful in doing it. Back up all of your data before that. The steps on how to factory reset Galaxy A32 above guides you to safely reset your phone successfully without any problem following up the factory reset.

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