Reasons to Set Custom Text Tone on Galaxy A32 and How to

Knowing how to properly set custom text tone on Galaxy A32 can be amazingly handy. Unfortunately, not everyone has the knowledge to tweak it properly. In the end, most people may end up with the default text tone for their devices. But if they know it better, they can actually personalize their devices so they can enjoy fun and unique tones whenever they get text messages.

Why set custom text tone on Galaxy A32

Today’s phones are sophisticated and advanced. In the old days, you might accept your device as what it is. You weren’t able to change the tones. You had to accept everything by default, and others. But thanks to technology, everything can be made perfect and convenient for your own liking.

Being able to customize text message tones may seem unimportant, but it can actually be useful. Don’t you like it when you can set different tones for different contacts? For instance, a gunshot means that your wife is texting you, while a bomb explodes is from your boss, while the soothing sound of the wave means that your hangout-buddy is sending you a message. Whenever you hear the exploding bomb sound, you can respond later on while the gunshot sound means that you need to prioritize first. See? Knowing different sounds can lead to different actions. Who says personalizing the tone isn’t crucial at all?

How to set the text tone

Follow these stages if you want to set your own personal text tone to all of your messages:

  • On the main home screen, slide upward
  • Choose ‘Samsung’
  • Then choose ‘Messages’
  • Click the menu icon (it’s the 3-dots icon that you can find on the right side)

custom text tone on galaxy a32

  • You will see some lists. Go with ‘Settings’
  • Choose ‘Notifications’. It’s the first option of the list
  • On the top side area, you will see the option ‘Show Notification’. Turn it on by sliding it to activate it
  • You will see several options again. Go with ‘New Messages’

custom text tone on samsung a32

  • Choose ‘Sound’
  • There would be a long list of tones. When you want to hear one by one, just click on the tone
  • When you already find the tone you prefer, make sure that you have clicked it, and then click on Return key

custom text tone on samsung galaxy a32

  • You will be taken back to the page ‘Show Notification’. From here, you simply click on Home key
  • That’s it! You have chosen your personalized tone for text messages

Follow these stages if you want to change the tone for personal and individual contact:

  • Open ‘Messages’
  • Open the (chat) thread of the contact. It should apply those the one whose tone you want to personalize
  • Click the icon menu and then pick ‘Notification Sound’
  • Again, you will see this long list of tones – just like the one on the previous method. Choose the tone you want to assign and there you have it!

More tweaks and adjustments

Do you know that you can actually personalize tons of different things on individual levels? Not only you can set individual personalized tone, but you can also personalize other stuff, like disable or enable vibration, disable lock screen content, hide the app icon badge, turn off the tone, and so much more.

There are two ways to do it. The first one is:

  • Go to ‘Settings’
  • Choose ‘Apps’
  • Choose ‘Messages’
  • Go with ‘Notifications’. You will find ‘Conversations’ and lists of contact names under it. click the one you want to personalize.

The second way is:

  • Click ‘Settings’
  • Choose ‘Apps’
  • Pick ‘Messages’
  • Go with ‘Notifications’
  • Choose ‘incoming (or New) Messages’
  • And then choose ‘Sound’

No matter which one you choose, it will change the default tone with your personalized option. And that’s the simple way to set custom text tone on Galaxy A32.

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