How to Change Text Message Background on Galaxy A32

If you want to find out how to change text message background on Galaxy A32, well, be ready that you may not find it. Of course, it’s surprising that such qualified name like Samsung doesn’t seem to offer versatile arrangement for such a seemingly simple application, but that’s the truth.

change text message background on galaxy a32

Why Change Text Message Background on Galaxy A32 Doesn’t Exist?

Along with Android 9 update, Samsung messaging app was officially stripped down to the very basic use and function. It means that you won’t be able to personalize it to your like. But some users say that you can still ‘change’ the layout of the app with some basic steps:

  • You need to check whether the phone supports font modification, theme, and color to stock message app.
  • Open Message app. On the top right side of the screen, there is ‘More’ button. Tap on it and go with ‘Settings’
  • Choose ‘Background’ and voila! Your preferred background has been set

There are some other limited changes to apply, if you still wish to make some customization

  • If you want to switch to Night Mode, go with ‘Settings’, then choose ‘Display’, and then go with ‘Night Mode’.
  • If you want to invert the phone’s display colors, go with ‘Settings’ and then ‘Accessibility’. Then choose ‘Visibility Enhancements’, and then choose ‘Negative colors’.
  • If you want to change the theme, go with ‘Settings’ and then choose ‘Wallpapers and themes’.

A Rogue Solution, Maybe?

However, some users seemed to find a workaround way to customize their Samsung phone. It’s unclear whether they were using Galaxy A32 or not, but considering that most of their operations are not so much different, the method may work (with slight differences here and there, mind you). This is your time to get yourself used to the phone and learn it further.

How to change the background color?

  • In the home screen, press the background for a while
  • Then choose a particular theme that will give you the desired colors (at least for the text). You can go with Black and White, for instance.
  • Go back. At the home screen, long press that background area. Go with the wallpaper you have liked and then set it.
  • You should have that customized screen and background that you love. Plus, it’s also your preferred theme for the phone

It may not be the perfect solution. Be advised that this method may not in some types of Samsung phones, but it’s worth the try. Samsung should be listening to their users’ complaints and hopefully they can come up with solutions – probably for their upcoming updates.

Another Alternative: Theme Apps

Using the theme apps is another solution that you can try if you are still adamant about personalizing your phone, and yet you can’t use the factory app (or feature) that comes with the phone. However, different users have different opinions about it. Some don’t mind with the fact that they need to download external apps for the personalization. As long as they can personalize their phone, they don’t really care about the methods. Some, on the other hand, think that the idea is silly. Why would anyone use an external app, which can be dangerous or risky? In this matter, there’s no right or wrong. It comes down to your personal preference and option.

In case you are interested in using these apps, some are said to be safe and trusted. Go Launcher, for instance, is said to be completely safe. It offers thousands of free HD wallpapers and themes. Not only you can personalize your messaging app, but you can also make personalization to many sectors on your phone.

Another one is Textra SMS that has gained quite a wide recognition and popularity. The app is super stylish, responsive, and customizable. Just like the previous app, not only you can personalize your text messages, but you can also personalize many of other aspects. You can have icon styles, bubble styles, and different theme designs. You can also enjoy schedule messages, if you want to. That’s the overall fact related to change text message background on Galaxy A32, so hope you find your way.

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