The Detailed Ability of Galaxy A32 Camera


You may be surprised to know that the quality of Galaxy A32 camera is somewhat better than Galaxy A32 5G. We may talk about some details of their comparisons, but this article would focus mostly on Galaxy A32.

Galaxy A32 Camera in a Glimpse

Although Galaxy A32 is designed as a budget-friendly phone, it doesn’t mean that it would be lousy or lame. On the contrary, with the camera system, you can enjoy premium next-level photo experience. If you use the 64MP ultra high resolution camera, you can enjoy clear and crisp photos. The Ultra Wide camera enables you to expand your viewing angle so you can enjoy ‘wider’ outcome. Make use of the macro camera to see the details better or use the depth camera feature to customize the focus. Whatever setting you choose, you should be able to expect breathtaking results with super easy management.

The quad camera system

Galaxy A32 uses the classic 2+2 system on the back. It means that you can see 2 (real) cameras as well as the extra 2 so it would be 4. The fact that it has a depth as well as macro adds another positive element of the phone. Moreover, each of them is 5MP; not ‘only’ 2MP.

The primary camera is using the 64MP sensor with Tetrapixel design. This is the newest models whose lens have f/1.8 aperture, 25mm equivalent (focal) length, 16MP output images (by default), and 4-to-1 binning. What about the ultrawide camera? It also comes with impressive quality. With 8MP, it is almost perfect, especially as the middle design for A52 (with its 13MP) and A12 (with its 5MP).

If you are into selfies so much, the camera has 20MP quality with Quad Bayer (filter) array and SK Hynix sensor. The lens have f/2.2 aperture and also 25mm focal length. Moreover, A32 camera app uses the latest technology having OneUI 3.1. Its biggest improvement would be on the video resolution relocation to the viewfinder. Is there another improvement? No, the camera is basically similar to other pre-OneUI from Samsung. But rest assured that you will enjoy easy (and also straightforward) operation.

Basic operation

It’s pretty usual and basic. If you swipe right and left, it would switch the available modes. You can also find a handy option to remove, add, or re-arrange the available modes from its viewfinder. If you perform vertical swipe (either up to bottom or bottom to up), you can switch the rear and front cameras.

The camera has its own Pro mode, but don’t expect overly sophisticated design and operation from it. You can only enjoy the preferable ISO (ranging between 100 and 800), exposure compensation dial (around -2EV to around +2EV within 0.1EV increments), and white balance. It’s unfortunate that it doesn’t offer manual focusing option.

Daylight quality

In overall, daylight photos from A32 are good. The 16MP resolution makes sure that you can get enough details although they may not result from the sharpest outcome. In general, these shots have little (to no) noise. When it comes to colors, they are somewhat more restrained, but they are far from being dull. What about odd or unusual color casts? No need to worry; you won’t find such a thing. Expect respectable dynamic range too although it isn’t as wide as other sophisticated models.

Low-light quality

The quality photos for low-light setting are not impressive. In general, these photos are noisy and soft with narrow dynamic range. However, if you produce photos in (warmly) lit scenes, the quality would be better. Other phones may fail because their photos would have orange cast, but it’s not the case with A32.


All in all, the camera in A32 is quite good. Some even say that it’s better than A32 5G. Try it out if you want to see the overall result and quality of Galaxy A32 camera.

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Reasons to Set Custom Text Tone on Galaxy A32 and How to

custom text tone on galaxy a32

Knowing how to properly set custom text tone on Galaxy A32 can be amazingly handy. Unfortunately, not everyone has the knowledge to tweak it properly. In the end, most people may end up with the default text tone for their devices. But if they know it better, they can actually personalize their devices so they can enjoy fun and unique tones whenever they get text messages.

Why set custom text tone on Galaxy A32

Today’s phones are sophisticated and advanced. In the old days, you might accept your device as what it is. You weren’t able to change the tones. You had to accept everything by default, and others. But thanks to technology, everything can be made perfect and convenient for your own liking.

Being able to customize text message tones may seem unimportant, but it can actually be useful. Don’t you like it when you can set different tones for different contacts? For instance, a gunshot means that your wife is texting you, while a bomb explodes is from your boss, while the soothing sound of the wave means that your hangout-buddy is sending you a message. Whenever you hear the exploding bomb sound, you can respond later on while the gunshot sound means that you need to prioritize first. See? Knowing different sounds can lead to different actions. Who says personalizing the tone isn’t crucial at all?

How to set the text tone

Follow these stages if you want to set your own personal text tone to all of your messages:

  • On the main home screen, slide upward
  • Choose ‘Samsung’
  • Then choose ‘Messages’
  • Click the menu icon (it’s the 3-dots icon that you can find on the right side)

custom text tone on galaxy a32

  • You will see some lists. Go with ‘Settings’
  • Choose ‘Notifications’. It’s the first option of the list
  • On the top side area, you will see the option ‘Show Notification’. Turn it on by sliding it to activate it
  • You will see several options again. Go with ‘New Messages’

custom text tone on samsung a32

  • Choose ‘Sound’
  • There would be a long list of tones. When you want to hear one by one, just click on the tone
  • When you already find the tone you prefer, make sure that you have clicked it, and then click on Return key

custom text tone on samsung galaxy a32

  • You will be taken back to the page ‘Show Notification’. From here, you simply click on Home key
  • That’s it! You have chosen your personalized tone for text messages

Follow these stages if you want to change the tone for personal and individual contact:

  • Open ‘Messages’
  • Open the (chat) thread of the contact. It should apply those the one whose tone you want to personalize
  • Click the icon menu and then pick ‘Notification Sound’
  • Again, you will see this long list of tones – just like the one on the previous method. Choose the tone you want to assign and there you have it!

More tweaks and adjustments

Do you know that you can actually personalize tons of different things on individual levels? Not only you can set individual personalized tone, but you can also personalize other stuff, like disable or enable vibration, disable lock screen content, hide the app icon badge, turn off the tone, and so much more.

There are two ways to do it. The first one is:

  • Go to ‘Settings’
  • Choose ‘Apps’
  • Choose ‘Messages’
  • Go with ‘Notifications’. You will find ‘Conversations’ and lists of contact names under it. click the one you want to personalize.

The second way is:

  • Click ‘Settings’
  • Choose ‘Apps’
  • Pick ‘Messages’
  • Go with ‘Notifications’
  • Choose ‘incoming (or New) Messages’
  • And then choose ‘Sound’

No matter which one you choose, it will change the default tone with your personalized option. And that’s the simple way to set custom text tone on Galaxy A32.

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How to Correctly Turn Off Delivery Report on Samsung Galaxy A32

turn off delivery report on galaxy a32

You may not believe it, but some users don’t really bother whether their message has been sent or not, so they want to turn off delivery report on Samsung Galaxy A32. When smartphones are created, they are usually packed with features that are meant to make their work more seamless and more efficient. Delivery report is one of them. Unfortunately, not everyone likes this feature, which can lead to them wanting to disable the feature.

Turn off delivery report on Samsung Galaxy A32: What it is

Most Android phones are equipped with this feature where you can check whether your text message has been sent or not. Imagine this: You probably think that you already send it out, but it turns out that the delivery fails because of connection issue or other problems. This is where the report can come in handy. After all, this report would typically send out a (pop-up) notification to your device automatically, and it happens when you send a message.

turn off delivery report on galaxy a32

However, not everyone is happy with this report. Some people don’t really care whether their message would be sent out or not. Moreover, some people just don’t like dealing with the notifications because they consider those notifications to be ‘noisy’. So, if you don’t want to get the reports, there is a way to disable the feature.

Disable the message reports on Galaxy A32

In general, these are the basic steps to turn off your message delivery report.

  • From your home screen page, access apps. This is applicable by either swiping down or up your page
  • Open the Message application
  • Choose the icon ‘Menu’
  • From there, go with ‘Settings’
  • Opt the option ‘Advanced’
  • Once you do it, you will see the menu item ‘Get SMS delivery reports’ so you can activate or disable the (delivery) reports
  • You are done! The process won’t take forever

How to turn off the message reports on other Samsung devices

The above steps are applicable for Samsung Galaxy A32. But in the event that you have other Samsung devices and you want to disable the report delivery feature, there is no need to fret about the way. The steps may not be exactly identical, but they are basically almost similar. Follow these following steps to ensure efficient operation

  • Open Message
  • You should be able to see the 3-dot icon. It’s ‘More’ option button
  • Choose ‘Settings’
  • Choose the option ‘More Settings’
  • Then choose ‘Text Messages’
  • There would be an option ‘Show when Delivered’. Choose the switch if you want to turn the feature off

Other messaging settings

You are free to tweak messaging settings so you can personalize your message element. You can adjust the restore default settings, message limits, AMBER alert settings or emergency, Advanced Messaging, and also notification alerts.

What to do when you want to access the messaging settings?

  • Open Messages apps
  • Pick the (vertical) three dots icon and then go with ‘Settings’

What are the other messaging settings options? Aside from Turn off (or on) Advanced Messaging (which can be done by choosing ‘Advanced Messaging’ and then ‘Advanced Messaging switch”, there are other features to explore:

  • Turn off (or on) Advanced Message Read Receipts. You can do it by choosing ‘Advanced Messaging’, and then ‘Share read status’ switch
  • Access or Edit Message Notifications. Do it by choosing ‘Notifications’
  • Access View Messaging Center Number or SMS Settings. Go with ‘More Settings’, and then choose’ Text Messages’. The number for (message) center would be displayed there on the Text Messages Setting section
  • Access MMS Settings. Do this by going with ‘More Settings’ and then choose ‘Multimedia Messages


Those are the complete guide about messages. Once you know about how to turn off delivery report on Samsung Galaxy A32, everything would be just seamless.

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Easy Tricks on Enable USB Debugging on Galaxy A32

usb debugging on galaxy a32

You may have heard the question on how to enable USB debugging on Galaxy A32. But before your mind wanders elsewhere. You need to understand that debugging is essentials for some people because of their works.

Most people who choose to enable USB debugging are either a developer or working closely with one. They can be UX or UI writers or even a program manager. However, regular people who are looking for more ways to tinker with their phones are also enabling this function.

A couple of reminders before you keep on reading. Enabling USB debugging means that you are letting apps access your phone. Some of these apps may be dangerous and you need to be cautious of your data security.

But on the other hand, turning on the developer setting means that you have free control of your phone. You can install an app that is still on the Alpha stage that is not yet released. And you also can tinker with your phone and test other settings that Samsung originally may not allow.

usb debugging on galaxy a32

Why do you need to enable USB debugging on Galaxy A32

You know that hardly anything could go wrong with the Samsung phones. But since Android is an open OS, there are a lot of new apps ideas by new and blossoming developers.

However, they need to see if their apps work as intended by installing them on an actual phone. This can be tricky since the phone is not on the PlayStore and the only way to install is by direct installation.

If you are a developer or aspiring to be one, this is an important step to do whenever you get a new phone. That is, making your Samsung Galaxy A32 available for your whim to test the app you’re working on.

But even if you’re not a developer, you may need to enable debugging so you can control your phone. You may want to install something or check on the log. Whether it’s out of curiosity or necessity, being able to do USB debug is an option that you may not want to miss.

How to enable USB debugging

To enable USB debugging, you need to go to the setting. Load your home screen or swipe down the notification bar to see the setting icon. Tap and go to About Device/Phone.

Keep scrolling down until you found the Build number. Tap on the option up to ten times. You will see a notification that lets you know that the device recognizes you as a developer.

Return to the setting and you will see the developer options menu that wasn’t there before. Tap on it and you switch on USB debugging. And now you can install all apps that you want.

There is no exact number on how many times you need to tap on the phone’s Build number to enter the developer mode. But the average number is seven to ten times. Don’t be discouraged if you take more time while your friend can do it faster on their Samsung Galaxy A32.

It’s important to note that when you enable USB debugging on Galaxy A32, you are responsible for all of the possible consequences. You need the necessary precautions to protect the data on your phone. That way, you can enjoy all the freedom that the developer options give you. If you haven’t install any protection, it is best to do it as soon as possible. Of course, you can choose to use your Samsung Galaxy A32 as a dummy phone for testing apps only.

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Factory Reset Galaxy A32: Step-by-Step Process

factory reset galaxy a32

If you are looking for the steps to factory reset Galaxy A32, you came to the right site. This articles show you how to factory reset your Samsung Galaxy device safely. However, before you learn how to do that, it is better to get to know why factory reset is required.

Why do You Need to Factory Reset Galaxy A32?

There are a number of reasons why you may need to factory reset your phone. Usually, people factory reset their device before selling it to someone else. It will delete your photos, messages, contacts, and other personal data. Without deleting them, your personal data will stay on the phone and may be accessed by others.

The second reason for doing a factory reset is to clean the phone completely and delete existing viruses or malwares that can cause errors in the application or software. For your information, viruses and malwares can lead to some issues such as frozen and unresponsive screen.

Not only does resetting your phone solve these issue, it also help speed up your device so it can run and work faster. Doing a factory reset is also needed when you forget password or pattern lock. In a nutshell, it deletes all data on your device with no exception.

After being reset, the device will return to the condition like when it’s new or shipped from the factory. Note that all data will be deleted from your phone including device settings, installed apps, Google account, pictures, music, and all other user data.

How to Factory Reset Samsung Galaxy A32

There are two methods to perform a factory reset for your Samsung Galaxy A32 as explained below:

From settings menu

First of all, find Settings icon on your home screen and tap on it. After that, select Genera management and tap Reset. There will some options available, but you need to select Factory Data Reset. Right after you tap on it, the Android OS will tell you that all data are going to be completely erased from the phone.

factory reset galaxy a32

After you are sure with your decision to perform a factory reset, tap the Reset button. Once again, your phone will remind you, saying that all data including the download app and personal information will be erased and they cannot be recovered after that.

reset galaxy a32

In some cases, you will be asked to enter a password, pattern, or PIN code. Enter it and press Continue. Then, it is time to press Delete All so the factory reset will begin. The process may take time depending on how many data stored in the phone. So, just wait until the process is fully completed. Your phone will reboot once the factory reset is done.

From recovery menu

You can also factory reset your phone from Recovery Menu. Before your start, make sure your Samsung Galaxy phone is turned off. The next step is to long-press the Volume Up button and Side key together. Release both buttons when Samsung logo appears.

After a few second, an Android Recovery menu will appear on the screen. Press the Volume Down button and select Factory Reset Option. Lastly, confirm the selection using the Power Button. That’s it.

Because a factory reset is like formatting you device in which it will erase any data such as user data, all device settings, and third-party apps, you should be careful in doing it. Back up all of your data before that. The steps on how to factory reset Galaxy A32 above guides you to safely reset your phone successfully without any problem following up the factory reset.

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How to Clear Cache on Galaxy A32 in Three Easy Steps

clear cache on galaxy a32

Did you know that you can clear cache on galaxy A32 in only three steps? Yes, you hear that right. You don’t have to do a lot of things to clear the cache on your Samsung Galaxy A32.

Clearing the cache can be one of the things that most people are not aware of. Most mobile users only know how to use their phones and don’t understand when their phones suddenly stopped working or are unable to load an app.

If you ever wonder how you still can receive chat notifications while reading the news, or getting an email in the middle of a phone call. That is what your phone caches do. It helps you when you return to the previous app.

The phone memory is the one responsible to manages the cache allocation. If it has large enough space for caches, you’re able to switch apps easily. But when an app loads slower than usual, then it means that the cache is almost full.

Why you should clear cache on galaxy A32 regularly

You need to clear your phone cache at least once a week. If you have a lot of apps installed and tend to have a high screen time, you need to clear your phone’s cache a bit more often.

You need to understand the relationship dynamic between an app and the phone’s RAM and storage space. Whenever you load an app, it takes space on both RAM and storage. Every time you switch an app, the space on RAM decreases, but not on the storage. The app keeps a little residue, preparing itself for your return.

Eventually, your storage space will quickly fill and you can’t load an app because there is no more space. You usually notice this when an app suddenly crashes or takes a long time to load.

Keep in mind that clearing the RAM may help, but only for a short while. You still need an ample storage size to make an app works properly.

The three easy steps

To clear the cache on your Samsung Galaxy A32 takes no more than three simple steps.

The first thing you need to do is go to the App setting. From your home screen, load the app drawer and choose the cog icon for setting. Or you can swipe down the notification bar and tap the cog icon to enter the setting.

clear cache on galaxy a32

After that, go to the Apps to see all apps that you have on your phone. By default, your phone sorts them by recent usage. But you can sort them by storage size to find out which app uses the most storage space. Then choose the App, scroll to the Storage, and tap on the clear cache option.

You will see a rise in available storage space. And you also will see how your app runs faster and smoother.

clear cache app on galaxy a32

Clearing the cache will retain all the data you have in the app, and only remove the residuals. Of course, you can choose to clear data if you want to log out and clear both the data, history, and cache altogether.

Keep in mind that you can do this app cache clearing one at a time. If you want to clear the cache for all apps on your phone. Then you need to do a factory reset to bring your Samsung Galaxy A32 to its original condition.

Anyway, as you can tell by now, it’s easy to clear cache on Galaxy A32. It only takes three steps or even less if you already figure out some shortcuts.

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How to Set Up Voicemail on Galaxy A32 Easily

set up voicemail on galaxy a32

You came to the right place if you are looking for the steps to set up voicemail on Galaxy A32. This article discusses a depth guide on setting up voicemail along with the solutions in case there are problems regarding the voicemail setting.

For many people, voicemail becomes a crucial feature as it allows them to effectively deal with any call without missing out on anything. That’s because unlike written messages, voicemail messages won’t be distorted or lost.

Basically, the way to set up and use voicemail on Galaxy A32 is quite similar to setting up other Samsung Galaxy types. So, if you have used any older Samsung Galaxy before, you must be familiar with the steps below.

Steps to Set Up Voicemail on Galaxy A32

First of all, open the Phone App from your Samsung device. You will three dots on the screen. Tap on the icon and tap on Settings. Then, select Voicemail and go to Voicemail Settings. The next step is to input Voicemail Number from the dialer. After that, press the dialer button (the green one in the middle). That’s it. Now you have just set up voicemail on the device and it’s ready to use.

set up voicemail on galaxy a32

How to listen to voicemail

After you set up voicemail, you can retrieve voicemail messages and listen to them. To listen to them on Samsung Galaxy 32, you should follow these simple steps. First, go to Applications on your phone. There, you can find Visual Voicemail. Simply tap on the one you want to hear and select the blue Play icon so you can listen to the selected message.

How to address voicemail issues on Galaxy A32

Sometimes, messages do not go straight to your voicemail. This is probably caused by bad internet connection. When this happens, try to turn your phone off in a while and turn it on again. The messages you didn’t see will be waiting for you. This is, of course, if the voicemail service is properly working.

However, if you still cannot see any messages after turning off your phone, there might be some problems and here are how to fix them.

Check the voicemail settings

The failure to access voicemail usually is caused by incorrect voicemail settings. Therefore, the first thing to do when this happens is to make sure that the settings are correct. The Voicemail can be found in the Setting option (You can scroll it from the drop-down menu). Things you should check are the selected carrier and the voicemail number.

Ask for new voicemail setting

If the problem still persists even though you believe that the voicemail settings are correct, possibly there are conflicting settings causing the issue. You can try solving it by requesting new voicemail setting from your carrier depending on your carrier and location.

However, this may cost you some extra. For further information, it is recommended to visit the official website of your carrier. Alternatively, you can call your carrier directly.

If the default voicemail service is not working, instead of trying to fix it, you can simply download and install voicemail app from Play Store. However, trying to fix it by either checking the settings and call your carrier for support is more recommended.

So, that’s how to set up voicemail on Galaxy A32 and how to listen to voicemail messages. In addition, the article also covers a few ways to fix your voicemails in case there is a problem. By reading the article, it is hoped that you won’t miss any important messages from your callers

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Galaxy A32 Features: What to Expect from the Phone

galaxy a32 features

When people decide to buy Galaxy A32, they need to pay attention to Galaxy A32 features. Be advised that the features we are going to talk here is for A32 4G, not the A32 5G. They may seem similar in overall aspect, but they are actually different in details. If you want to buy the A32 5G, then this article isn’t for you.

galaxy a32 features

Galaxy A32 Features and ‘History’

The A32 was launched not far away from the launch of its A32 5G. According to Samsung, the A32 packs minor updates from the previous Galaxy A31. It is designed as the budget phone that would compete against other names, including Nokia 5.4, 2021 Huawei P Smart, Huawei Lite P40, Xiaomi Redmi Note, and Oppo A53.

The design

In terms of design, you have to admit that A32 isn’t exactly the most beautiful product that Samsung has made. With all plastic body, the phone is basically far from the ideal product. The design is simply ‘boring’, but the charcoal frame somewhat has its own high gloss finish that makes it look ‘luxurious’ and far from being cheap. But the design and material are the reasons why the weight is low. And despite its all plastic construction, the A32 is wonderfully sturdy and solid. It feels just right on your hand. You may not believe that it’s actually plastic, if you don’t know the specs or read user reviews

The display screen

One thing that makes this device a winner, even when compared to A32 5G, is the display screen. It uses AMOLED screen, which is quite amazing – considering that it is basically a budget device. Despite its 6.4 inch screen, the AMOLED makes it crisp, bright, and clear. The screen has its own nice sharpness although there is a limitation with the refresh rate. Scrolling is nice and fun, and its speed is convenient enough. And let’s not forget that this device has its own fingerprint sensor. And the location is on the display screen, which is quite convenient and handy.

Performance and result

The processor may not be very promising. After all, G80 MediaTek Helio CPU is quite average. It’s not very impressive, but it can get the device running. Apps can load pretty fast. When you switch apps, there may be a second or two delays, but it’s not a big issue. This CPU is being paired with Mali G52. It is considered the predictable and standard configuration.

Pros and cons

There are many (good) reasons why Galaxy A32 is claimed as one of the best smartphones, especially for those budget-conscious people. Of course, there are several winning features of the phone, but it’s not a completely perfect device. Expect some great strength, but don’t be surprised with some of the flaws either.

Some of the great things about this phone are:

Long battery life

Impressive and great camera performance

Responsive AMOLED screen

On the downside, however, the design may be considered boring and unattractive. Well, what do you expect from a device that is made completely from plastic? But then you need to remember that A32 is designed as ‘cheap’ product. It’s a budget-friendly smartphone that comes with high-end sophistication and quite premium abilities. It’s pretty normal (and quite logical, really) if the phone has several minor downsides. But then again, you can enjoy more benefits and perks when compared to the minor flaws.

Final words

If you want quality without spending a fortune or if you are into photography (and you are on a budget), then this phone is for you. However, based on Galaxy A32 features, this phone isn’t for those who want to enjoy the power – as the phone can get all basic functionalities done, but not more.

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How You Can Adjust Flashlight Brightness on Galaxy A32

adjust torch brightness on samsung a32

When people with other handsets are often annoyed by their flashlight, you as a Samsung user can adjust flashlight brightness on galaxy A32 instead. Yes, you heard it right. Samsung Galaxy A32 has several flashlight brightness that you can adjust.

Adjusting your flashlight may be unthinkable to some. Because most flashlights only have one option, that is to switch it on or off. However, several brands produced flashlights with the brightness that you can control. An adjustable flashlight may be something that you never think about, but it might be something you need. Most mobile phones have the flashlight function. And most of them are only lighting the flash on the main camera.

adjust torch brightness on samsung a32

However, this light can be bright and focused that it annoys the user instead of helping. But thanks to the adjustable flashlight on Samsung Galaxy A32, you don’t have to squint every time you turn it on.

How to adjust flashlight brightness on Galaxy A32

It’s very easy to adjust the brightness. You just need to swipe down to bring the notification bar. If you haven’t change anything, you will see the torch on the top row.

As you know, you will turn on the flashlight when you tap the torch icon. But when you tap on the word you will be open the flashlight setting menu.

This menu is very straightforward. You will see the switch to turn on and off the flashlight, and you will see a small bar appearing at the bottom of your screen. This bar is the strength bar for Move the dial to the left and right to adjust the flashlight strength.

adjust flashlight brightness on galaxy a32

As you can see, moving the dial to level one on the most left will give you the weakest light among all. And moving it to level five on the most right will gives the brightest light. Tinker around a bit to find the light that fits your needs. You can leave the setting as it is after you’re comfortable with the light strength.

Anyway, keep in mind that you need to tap on the word torch to enter the setting. And do not mistake the screen brightness bar with the torch bar. Unfortunately, there is no way to have a shortcut to adjust the flashlight brightness just like the one for the screen.

A few reminders

Keep in mind that the brightness may affect the battery. Therefore, in case you want to keep the battery to last a little longer. You need to adjust the light accordingly.

Samsung Galaxy A32 may have a 5000w battery with a 15w fast charging capacity. But it doesn’t mean that it’s wise to play with the flashlight brightness and drain the battery.

The Samsung Galaxy A series may be taken as the affordable version of their flagship phone, the Galaxy S series. But A series also have enough power to support your daily activity and needs. It has an octa-core processor, large RAM, and even up to 128GB storage with a dedicated slot for another storage.

Despite the plastic back cover, the Samsung Galaxy A32 has a gorilla glass cover for the screen with a super AMOLED display. This phone is a great choice for when you want something sturdy and powerful but still restricted on the budget.

Anyway, when most mobile phones can’t control the flashlight beyond turning it on and off, Samsung chose to be more forward-thinking and make it adjustable. It’s still unknown if other phone manufacturers have included adjustable flashlights in their products. At any rate, now you know how to adjust flashlight on Galaxy A32.

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Easy Steps to Transfer Picture from Galaxy A32 to Computer


One of the questions that many people ask is how to transfer picture from galaxy A32 to computer. As you know, most people use their phone’s camera to take a picture. This is mostly because an actual camera can be too heavy to carry around. And most people don’t plan their best shots.


Anyway, transferring pictures and files between gadgets can be troublesome. Especially when you have a lot of gadgets and use them simultaneously. There are many image editing apps for mobile, but it’s not enough compared to advanced editing on the computer. And there are times when you need to include pictures you just take on your presentation.

In short, you need to be able to swiftly move the content of your phone camera folder to a computer. After all, it also works as backup storage.

How you can transfer picture from galaxy a32 to computer

It’s very easy to transfer pictures from your Galaxy A32. You can use the cloud system and have the picture synced on your Samsung account. Later, you can access it on your computer.

Having cloud storage helps a lot when you’re always on the go. But at the same time, it can lead to trouble since it can risk your data security. Anyway, there is still the option to go old-school and choose to use a cable instead.

First of all, you need to know the type of cable that your Samsung Galaxy A32 uses. It’s a type-C connector. You can use either the cable data you use to charge or a separate cable.

Connect the type-C end to your phone and the USB end to one of the free USB slots on your computer or laptop. Wait until you see the notification on your computer screen that a new device is attached.

Then swipe down the notification bar and tap the Android System Notification button. You will see the USB connection setting. Make sure that you have the radio button on This Phone and choose Transferring Images or Transferring files/Android Auto. Choosing other options won’t let you transfer any pictures from your phone to the computer.

Then return to your computer and click on This PC. You will see your phone as one of the drives. Double click the icon and choose the images you want from the specific folder.

But what if it’s a Mac?

If your computer is a Mac, connecting with an Android phone can cause another headache. But you can avoid that by having the Android File Transfer App on your Mac computer.

The next steps are identical to the previous steps. Connect your phone with your Mac using the type-C cable. Again, the USB side is the one connected to the computer and your phone has the type-C. You will see the same menu option as you swipe down the notification bar.

Again, choose Transferring Images or Android Auto. On your Mac, you can see that the Android File Transfer App is automatically open. You can see the folders inside your phone. Move the pictures by either drag and drop the files, or copy and paste them to the folders you want.

If you want the wireless version of file transfer, you can always use the cloud storage that your Samsung Galaxy A32 has. There are also a lot of apps that provide cloud storage such as DropBox and Google Drive. Samsung also provides storage through Samsung account.

Anyway, now you can transfer picture from galaxy A32 to computer on your own. You can move pictures from your phone to any computer you want either by cable or using cloud storage.

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