How You Can Adjust Flashlight Brightness on Galaxy A32

When people with other handsets are often annoyed by their flashlight, you as a Samsung user can adjust flashlight brightness on galaxy A32 instead. Yes, you heard it right. Samsung Galaxy A32 has several flashlight brightness that you can adjust.

Adjusting your flashlight may be unthinkable to some. Because most flashlights only have one option, that is to switch it on or off. However, several brands produced flashlights with the brightness that you can control. An adjustable flashlight may be something that you never think about, but it might be something you need. Most mobile phones have the flashlight function. And most of them are only lighting the flash on the main camera.

adjust torch brightness on samsung a32

However, this light can be bright and focused that it annoys the user instead of helping. But thanks to the adjustable flashlight on Samsung Galaxy A32, you don’t have to squint every time you turn it on.

How to adjust flashlight brightness on Galaxy A32

It’s very easy to adjust the brightness. You just need to swipe down to bring the notification bar. If you haven’t change anything, you will see the torch on the top row.

As you know, you will turn on the flashlight when you tap the torch icon. But when you tap on the word you will be open the flashlight setting menu.

This menu is very straightforward. You will see the switch to turn on and off the flashlight, and you will see a small bar appearing at the bottom of your screen. This bar is the strength bar for Move the dial to the left and right to adjust the flashlight strength.

adjust flashlight brightness on galaxy a32

As you can see, moving the dial to level one on the most left will give you the weakest light among all. And moving it to level five on the most right will gives the brightest light. Tinker around a bit to find the light that fits your needs. You can leave the setting as it is after you’re comfortable with the light strength.

Anyway, keep in mind that you need to tap on the word torch to enter the setting. And do not mistake the screen brightness bar with the torch bar. Unfortunately, there is no way to have a shortcut to adjust the flashlight brightness just like the one for the screen.

A few reminders

Keep in mind that the brightness may affect the battery. Therefore, in case you want to keep the battery to last a little longer. You need to adjust the light accordingly.

Samsung Galaxy A32 may have a 5000w battery with a 15w fast charging capacity. But it doesn’t mean that it’s wise to play with the flashlight brightness and drain the battery.

The Samsung Galaxy A series may be taken as the affordable version of their flagship phone, the Galaxy S series. But A series also have enough power to support your daily activity and needs. It has an octa-core processor, large RAM, and even up to 128GB storage with a dedicated slot for another storage.

Despite the plastic back cover, the Samsung Galaxy A32 has a gorilla glass cover for the screen with a super AMOLED display. This phone is a great choice for when you want something sturdy and powerful but still restricted on the budget.

Anyway, when most mobile phones can’t control the flashlight beyond turning it on and off, Samsung chose to be more forward-thinking and make it adjustable. It’s still unknown if other phone manufacturers have included adjustable flashlights in their products. At any rate, now you know how to adjust flashlight on Galaxy A32.

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